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Hello Everyone! Did you all have a good Christmas and New Years? I sure did! By the way, my name is Trampie, and my mommy and I are the... oh dear, what's it called?... Oh! the moderators of the board! [:o ) For Christmas, I got some boots, lotsa treats, a sweater, and some Chicken and Turkey! Yummy! What did you all get? What was your most favorite present, or the least favorite? My mommy already knows that my least favorite was the boots. I keep kicking them off. I don't think she's pleased about that, but I just don't like them! My favorite present was the treats, of course! I got some of my favorite yogurt drops, and this new peanut butter stuff that sticks to the roof of my mouth, but I still love it! It's almost gone, though. I wonder if mommy will get me some more...? Anyway, new years' was cool, too! I got to go to a party with mommy and daddy, and there were all kinds of people there! Mommy got mad at this one person, though, because they tried to give me alcohol. She took me home until that person left (it was right across the hallway), and then I got to come back for the... oh, another blank out... what was it... oh, the countdown! That was fun! Mommy and I danced and everything! Everyone went 'aww!' when I was dancing - I love the attention! What did everyone else do for New Years? Did anyone else go to any parties? Did you stay at home and play with your new toys? Tell me! Share! Talk! Speak! [:o) Love you all! -Trampie and Mommy

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Thank You ALL!!
Posted by Lady Yunalesca
0 Jul 25, 05 03:01PM
Thanks for the welcome
Posted by Hova
0 Nov 09, 04 01:12PM
Welcome Hova!
Posted by Trampie
0 Nov 03, 04 09:30PM
New Friends!
Posted by Trampie
0 Oct 10, 04 08:43AM
Posted by Taz
1 Aug 26, 04 01:53PM
I forgot to add...
Posted by Taz
1 Aug 23, 04 10:21AM
More funny stuff I like to do!
Posted by Taz
0 Aug 23, 04 10:19AM
Walking backwards (moonwalk)
Posted by Taz
1 Aug 20, 04 04:05PM
Hello Pomies!
Posted by Trampie
1 Aug 17, 04 02:09PM
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